Terms of Use

The terms of Service set forth herein apply to your use of the Kafka mining cloud mining service and the Kafka mining website located at kafkamining.com. And its subdomains. If you use the Kafkamining.com cloud mining service, you comply with the terms of Service and any instructions, guidelines, or similar information that may be posted on the Website from time to time (TOGETHER THE "AGREEMENT"). If you don't agree with these terms of Service, then you shouldn't use this Website or the Service it provides.

In its sole discretion, Kafka Mining may revise, alter, modify, add, or eliminate portions of these terms of Service at any time. You should review these terms regularly for updates. Please refer to the most up-to-date version. If you continue using the site or the Service after the words have been updated and published, you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the changes. You have a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the Website and the Service from Kafka Mining so long as you agree to and comply with these Terms.

One should consider their financial situation before deciding whether or not to engage in cloud mining. Nothing below should be construed as an offer or solicitation to invest in Kafka Mining or anywhere else; instead, it is provided solely for informational and educational purposes. Your sole responsibility is to evaluate the risks and benefits of potential investments before committing any money.


  1. Kafka Mining does not own the computers referred to as "Mining Hardware" in the following clause, but those computers are utilized to calculate mining efficiency and expenses.
  2. When a Miner signs a Contract with us to manage a Cloud Machine, that agreement is for a certain amount of time, known as the "Contract Term.
  3. As a safety precaution, an Account can be placed on "Hold," a status that stops the Account from making any withdrawals;
  4. Upon Kafka's acceptance of your application for an Account, these Terms will serve as a legally binding agreement between you and Kafka Mining governing your use of the Service and Website for mining.
  5. In case of a discrepancy between these terms of Service and the Kafka terms of use or any other instructions, guidance, or similar content available on the Website, these Terms of Service shall govern and control.
  6. By applying to become a Miner, you affirm that you have read, comprehended, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. The terms of Service, instructions, guidelines, and other material posted on the Website may be subject to modification at any time.
  7. Users cannot access the Website or use the Service using anonymous proxies (including Tor) or similar services or technology designed to conceal a user's true online identity.


There is always a degree of uncertainty when dealing with crypto. Any government or central bank does not back cryptocurrencies since they are unregulated and decentralized. We reserve the right to alter the value of any Contract, or any quantity of any Cryptocurrency, owing to various causes outside its control.

The price of cryptocurrencies (as measured by the exchange rate of fiat money to cryptocurrency, such as USD/BTC) can be affected by several variables, including but not limited to changes in mining difficulty and other mining parameters/properties. You acknowledge and accept that owing to the volatile nature of Cryptocurrencies, the value of any given Contract or quantity of mined Cryptocurrency might wholly and suddenly lose all worth at any time. You acknowledge that you, and not any third party, are fully responsible for the safekeeping of any Cryptocurrencies held in your Balance and for the payment of any associated fees or damages.

We reserve the right to modify any content published or given by it in any form (including but not limited to the Website, the Panel, the Support Service, the Email newsletter, and social media) relating to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining


  1. Your registration application constitutes an offer to engage in a legally binding contract on these terms of Service. The offer is final once it has been submitted.
  2. Acceptance of applications is solely at our discretion. If your application is approved, we shall enter into a binding contract with you.
  3. You may not terminate the agreement covered by these Terms of Service, and you will not be entitled to any return except to the extent required by law.
  4. To create an account ("Account") on the Website, you will need to provide basic personal information, a valid email address (which will serve as your Username and user identity), and a password ("Password"). You must input the details of at least one wallet associated with your mining cryptocurrency before making a withdrawal. In some cases, you can link multiple cryptocurrency wallets to your Account.
  5. You are responsible for keeping our records on you accurate, complete, and up to date.
  6. If your application to become a Miner is approved, you will be given a Username and Password.
  7. Some features of the Website are protected behind a login screen that requires your Username and Password. Remember that your Username and password are private and must not be shared with anyone.
  8. Registration permits placing an order to managing a Cloud Machine, which you may do once you've signed up. If you put this purchase, you'll be able to tell the Cloud Machine just how much processing power you need. It is ultimately up to us to decide if an order is fulfilled, and acceptance is contingent upon factors including availability.
  9. Using this site and the Service is confirmation that you are not acting on behalf of another party.

No Disclosure

Please note that we cannot be held responsible if you or another user misuses your password or Account. You must notify us immediately if you suspect a third party has gained access to your password or is using your Account without your permission.

A dormant account has not been accessed in over a year. If feasible, you will be given advanced notice. Your Balance will be canceled unless we reach you or if you respond to our attempts to contact you.


  1. When using the Website or the Service, you must follow all relevant laws and regulations, as well as these Terms of Service and any other restrictions we may post.
  2. In your contacts with us, you undertake not to give a fake name or inaccurate information about yourself in any way (8.1).
  3. You may not take advantage of the referral systems, bonuses, and campaigns that our partners and we make available occasionally in violation.
  4. You may not use any design flaws in the Website or the Service, or any undocumented features or "software bugs," for any purpose, whether commercial or otherwise, or to interfere with or disrupt the Service or the Website.
  5. A Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payment, including but not limited to the destination account, transferable amount, and payment details:
  6. If the Customer makes a payment with incomplete or incorrect information or to the wrong Account, we will do what we can to still fulfill the order as soon as possible. Kafka Mining will not be held liable and will reject any claims if the recipient's address does not belong to us.
  7. Customers may submit a claim or dispute regarding payment by contacting support 14 days after the initial payment was created. It's possible that requests submitted after the 14-day deadline won't be fulfilled.
  8. We may request proof of payment if there is reason to believe that payment was not received, but the Contract was nonetheless activated. Within 14 days of receiving such a request, the Customer must provide proof of payment.


Suppose the Customer cancels the Service before it has begun. In that case, any money used to initiate the Service will be returned to their Account unless the money was initially taken from the account balance. No refunds will be issued for Accounts where a withdrawal has already been processed.

In the event of a refund, we reserve the right to cancel or deduct from the Customer's Account Balance any Hashrate and funds mined by the Hashrate of the refunded purchase, as well as any funds provided to the Referrer as a Referral Bonus for the refunded purchase. We have no obligation to reimburse funds for the Maintenance and Electricity Fees.