Construct Your Own Hot Tub Mining Rig
08 January, 2024
Construct Your Own Hot Tub Mining Rig

In the ever-evolving landscape of Bitcoin mining, this article challenges preconceived notions by presenting an engaging fusion of cryptocurrency endeavors and leisure with the creation of a Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub. Defying the conventional belief that mining is a purely utilitarian activity, the authors embark on a dual-purpose journey, seeking to ascertain the viability of heating a hot tub using a Bitcoin ASIC miner and contributing to the global hashrate and security of the Bitcoin network.

Constructing Own Hot Tub Mining Rig

The genesis of this innovative project stems from the authors' rich history in the world of Bitcoin, with Sage's initial foray into mining in 2012, followed by Erin's introduction to the practice in 2022. The narrative unfolds, revealing the transition from traditional mining setups to the ambitious integration of mining technology with the comfort of a hot tub. Particular emphasis is placed on simplicity, as the authors strive to simplify the setup process for readers without a primary focus on cost savings.

As readers embark on this exploration, the article promises a comprehensive guide, meticulously outlining the tools, supplies, and step-by-step procedures involved in creating the Bitcoin hot tub. Safety considerations are underscored, recognizing the inherent risks of combining liquids and electronics. This introduction sets the stage for an enlightening journey into the technical intricacies and financial implications of an unconventional yet captivating intersection between cryptocurrency mining and recreational luxury.


Delving into the backstory of the authors' venture, this section provides a nuanced understanding of their respective journeys in the realm of bitcoin mining. The narrative unfolds with Sage's initiation into the captivating world of mining in 2012, where a few weeks of GPU mining became the catalyst for a lasting engagement. Sage's evolution as a miner continued in 2016, marked by the construction of a sophisticated custom GPU mining rig. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn, as the authors pivot from conventional setups to the intriguing integration of a bitcoin ASIC miner with a hot tub, reshaping their mining paradigm.

The article introduces Erin, who entered the mining landscape in 2022 with a distinctive twist – heating her apartment using an Antminer S9. This setting unfolds against the backdrop of a hot tub situated outside her residence. The fusion of these experiences sparks a collaborative effort between Sage and Erin, resulting in the conceptualization and execution of the "Hot Tub Mining Machine." The collaboration births a unique approach to Bitcoin mining, exemplifying a synergy between technological innovation and everyday comfort.

As the authors intertwine their narratives, readers are drawn into a compelling chronicle that sets the stage for the unconventional journey into the creation of a Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub. This background not only contextualizes their innovative project but also showcases the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape and the inventive spirit propelling this narrative forward.

Building Your Bitcoin Hot Tub

Part 1: Shopping Lists

To embark on the intriguing venture of constructing a Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub, a comprehensive set of tools and supplies is crucial. This section meticulously outlines the necessary elements, ensuring enthusiasts are well-equipped for the creative fusion of cryptocurrency mining and leisure.

Tools enlisted for this ambitious project include a power drill, assorted drill bits, pliers, scissors, and a screwdriver set, forming the foundational arsenal for the forthcoming construction. The inclusion of double-sided sticky tape emphasizes the importance of secure and durable assembly.

The parts list is equally pivotal, featuring key components essential for transforming a conventional hot tub into a technological marvel. The S9 Water Cooling Kit is a focal point, chosen for its completeness, encompassing cooling plates, thermal transfer pads, sandwich brackets, and bolts, ensuring efficient heat management for the ASIC boards. A carefully selected plastic storage tub provides housing for the miner, while a separate plastic storage bin serves as the water reservoir. Stainless steel tubing, poly tubing, a high-temperature water pump, and distilled water complete the ensemble, facilitating heat transfer and water circulation within the system.

Additionally, stainless steel clips, Teflon tape, a smart Thermo-Hygrometer for remote temperature monitoring, and a network extender with an Ethernet port are incorporated, adding layers of functionality and safety to the setup. The article underscores the significance of choosing an appropriate hot tub, with the authors opting for an Intex PureSpa 4-person inflatable hot tub.

Part 2: Prepping the Mining Hardware

This stage intricately details the preparatory steps for the mining hardware, utilizing an Antminer S9 running Braiins OS+ firmware. The process commences with the installation of Braiins OS+, with potential troubleshooting guidance available through the Braiins Telegram group.

Accessing the Braiins software via the static IP of the miner becomes pivotal, enabling miners to fine-tune power consumption, adjust chip temperature targets, and activate autotuning. This section ensures that the mining hardware is optimized for the subsequent integration into the hot tub system.

Part 3: Building the Hot Tub System

Safety considerations take center stage as the article issues a crucial warning about the inherent risks associated with combining liquids and electronics. The need for a properly tested and functioning GFCI breaker is emphasized, and readers are strongly advised to seek professional assistance if unfamiliar with the safety aspects.

The construction process unfolds in a detailed, step-by-step manner. The disassembly of the miner involves unplugging power and ethernet cords, removing screws, and gently blowing dust off the ASIC boards. The creation of a cooling "sandwich" using cooling plates, thermal transfer pads, and metal brackets is meticulously explained, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. Tube assembly, creation of the miner housing, testing of nipple holes, and securing the miner within the plastic tub follow suit.

Part 3 culminates in a comprehensive step-by-step video recording for further clarity. The section meticulously details the entire process, from securing the miner in the tub with spacers and double-sided sticky tape to connecting the plumbing fittings and tubing to create a functional hot tub system.

The ambitious project, at this juncture, manifests as a tangible integration of cryptocurrency mining technology within the confines of a hot tub. The detailed instructions, combined with safety reminders, serve as a robust guide for enthusiasts daring to merge the worlds of technology and relaxation in this unique endeavor.

Testing the Hot Tub

As the Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub takes shape, the journey ventures into the crucial phase of testing, where the authors explore the intricate balance between power consumption, chip temperature, and the desired hot tub temperature. This section serves as a captivating exploration of the challenges encountered and the iterative process undertaken to optimize the innovative setup.

The authors meticulously experiment with varying power consumption levels, fine-tuning the ASIC miner's settings to achieve an ideal chip temperature. The narrative unfolds with the initial target temperature for the Hot Tub Mine Machine set at 100-102°F, aligning with the optimal use temperature. However, the authors encounter temperature fluctuations, prompting them to adjust power consumption levels.

Throughout the testing phase, the authors candidly share insights into the autotuning process and the time it takes for the Braiins OS+ firmware to adapt to changes in power consumption. Challenges in maintaining the chip temperature at an optimal level prompt the authors to explore dynamic power scaling, introducing a script to regulate power consumption dynamically.

Cost Analysis for Hot Tub Mining Rig

In this pivotal section, the authors delve into a comprehensive cost analysis, scrutinizing the financial implications of running the Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub. The evaluation extends beyond the immediate expenses, comparing the operational costs of running just the hot tub heater against running the miner at various power levels.

The authors present a meticulous breakdown of power consumption levels and corresponding temperatures, revealing the intricate balance between maintaining the desired hot tub temperature and optimizing chip temperatures. A keen exploration of the power meter readings unravels the efficiency and financial considerations associated with each scenario.

Running a detailed comparison, the article unveils the costs of solely operating the hot tub heater and contrasts it with the expenses incurred when integrating the miner into the system. The results expose nuanced insights, showcasing the net savings achieved by incorporating the miner, even amidst the dynamic fluctuations in ambient temperatures.

Importantly, the cost analysis unfolds against the backdrop of a bear market in the cryptocurrency realm, where the Bitcoin price is comparatively low. The authors transparently discuss breakeven points, providing readers with a realistic understanding of the economic dynamics at play.

Conclusion: Creating Your Own Hot Tub Mining Rig

As the curtain falls on the captivating narrative of the Bitcoin mining-integrated hot tub, the conclusion encapsulates the essence of this innovative journey. Readers are ushered through a recapitulation of key milestones, from the initial challenge to the successful creation of a unique technological marvel that blends cryptocurrency mining with everyday comfort.

The authors reflect on the dual objectives that propelled this project—the exploration of cost parity in heating a hot tub with a Bitcoin ASIC miner and the noble aspiration to contribute to the global hash rate and security of the Bitcoin network. While cost savings were not the primary focus, the conclusion acknowledges the potential financial benefits for enthusiasts seeking an unconventional synergy between technology and leisure.

The authors candidly share insights gained during the testing phase, acknowledging the complexities of maintaining optimal chip temperatures and the dynamic nature of the experiment. The article underscores safety precautions, encouraging readers to prioritize caution when combining liquids and electronics, elevating the discussion beyond the technical realm.

In the wake of a comprehensive cost analysis, the conclusion leaves readers with a nuanced understanding of the economic landscape, highlighting the interplay of power consumption, cryptocurrency market dynamics, and the ever-changing ambient temperatures.

Ultimately, this conclusion serves not only as a final chapter in the hot tub mining saga but also as an invitation for enthusiasts to explore the uncharted territories where cryptocurrency innovation meets the comforts of everyday life. The fusion of technology, experimentation, and transparency in this conclusion resonates as a testament to the boundless possibilities within the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and their creative pursuits.

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